It´s time to move on said the fish and grew lungs

Exhibited in Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, 2015.

Here you are. Ready to be guided on a journey. And you will listen carefully You have undergone metamorphosis. You have changed. Your skeleton has adapted for walking You have even developed something similar to a beginning of a neck. You want to return to the ocean, from where you came. But this is not possible. You take a deep breath of air. Through your nose. Into your newly developed lungs. Metamorphosis has already happened. You are completely transformed into a terrestrial being. Stranded. Surrounded by a destructive flock. On an exhausted island. That has become your prison. While the sea, has become your freedom. You want to wake up. You need to return to the sea. You need to focus all your energy on transforming yourself one last time. To escape your surroundings and get of this Island. Now you will open your eyes, and it will all be clear. You will see the solution. And you will be in the ocean. Swimming comfortably in the ocean. Once again.

"It´s Time to Move on Said the Fish and Grew Lungs" video, 15:50 min, documentation of the artist being hypnotized in a public park, 2015

"The Great Escape" ink on neon paper, 70 x 100 cm, the artists result of an hypnotic state, 2015