born 1982, Reykjavík Iceland

selected projects and shows

__in conversation with__ , Cozy Catastrophe,  Haus1, Berlin, 2019.

Sunny Palace, Weather and Wind Window Gallery, Reykjavik,2019.

NXS WORLD NXS#4 Algorithmic Anxiety, 2019.

Úthverfi / Suburb,  Hjólið / The Wheel, Reykjavik Association of Sculptors, Reykjavik, 2019.

Reacción a Islandia, Pavilion Nordico,  Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019.

Networking and chilling, Harbinger, Reykjavik, 2019.

HIGH & LOW, Nordatlantens Brygge, Copenhagen, 2018.

The Geat Escape, Cosmos Carl - Parasite Platform, Online exhibition space.

Close Encounters, Reykjavik Art Festival, Reykjavik, 2018.

Professional Amateur, Kling og Bang, Reykjavik, 2018.

Utopian Visions (curated by Chicken Coop Contemporary) Portland, 2018.

Happy People - A smoke lounge by Arnar Ásgeirsson, Living art museum, Reykjavik, 2017

The Adventures of You, The Community, Paris, 2016.

Memory Theater, Upforgallery, Portland, 2016.

Promesse du bonheur, Harbinger, Reykjavik, 2015.

NýlistasafniðLiving Art Museum » S7 – Suðurgata >> Árbær (ekki á leið)
Living Art Museum, Reykjavik, 2014.

Unfair Amsterdam, NDSM Amsterdam, 2014.