Icelandic Pavilion (2011)

The Icelandic Pavilion is an installation in public space, specifically on the streets of  Venice. This pavilion is a blanket similar to the street vendors it has miscellaneous items on display and for sale. These items are not like the usual fake Gucci bags like you normally see in Venice. This blanket specializes in merchandise based on art that has been displayed in the Venice Biennale on the behalf of Iceland. This street vendor style is a very appropriate way of sharing these reproduced works made by other artists. The recipe for the merchandise displayed on The Icelandic Pavilion is that each item is copy of an existing artwork exhibited on the behalf of Iceland in the history of the Venice Biennale, that particular work is then mixed with some existing functional product. With this functional addition, the remixed item becomes a new artwork, but it also is a sellable mass produced merchandise. So when you look over the items on the blanket you have an overview of the Icelandic art history on the Venice Biennale in the form of merchandise.